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Since the adoption of Denmark's first Heat Supply Act i 1979, district heating has been a key strategic component of the national energy infrastruture. 

Today, the district heating sector provides more than 65% of all Danish households with district heating. And this journey continues both in Denmark and across leading European nations.

As specialised Danish engineering consultants, we have been a part of this journey for more than ten years.

Learn more about the needed changes, new applied energy sources, and how we as solutions providers meet our customers' strategic challenges and design robust and sustainable energy systems for the future.

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Company presentation

Sector coupling

One of the benefits of using multiple energy sources for district heating is the enabling of secor coupling.

This means using a combination of power generating and power consuming plants for stabilization of the power grid or exchanging surplus heat, cooling and CObetween heat production plant, heat network and PtX factory.

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Multiple energy sources